Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

**Pictures to follow this evening**
We had a fun filled weekend. For some reason I can not remember if we did anything on Friday. I'm going to have to say probably not. I think we stayed in, ate pizza, and played with the Wii Fit. But the rest of the weekend was jam packed. Saturday we went to the KC Zoo, for Boo at the Zoo. Lily wore her pink three-eyed monster costume, and we spent most of the day there. We came home only long enough to feed her dinner and give her a bath, then we bundled her up in her PJ's and headed down to the Plaza for Waterfire, which I thought was fabulous. It was a little chilly, but don't worry, Lily was the coziest of all, in her pj's and bundle me. She eventually fell asleep, but not before we received lots of compliments on what a good baby she was, and how cute she was. I saw two co-workers while we were there, and may have drummed up some photography work for James. One of my co-workers needs to have his daughter's senior pictures taken, and their chosen photographer keeps flaking on them.
Yesterday we stayed at home in the morning, then met Stephanie and Zach for lunch at Red Robin (yum). After lunch we headed to Louisburg Cidermill to pick out our pumpkins. We ended up with 4 small pumpkins and one twenty-five pounder. It was too windy to stick around so we left after picking out the pumpkins.
Last night we carved two of the pumpkins. Now I know why my dad always did that part. It's hard! James is a master carver, me, well I'm a little messy. James carved a skull and bones and I attempted a spider web w/spider. James ended up cleaning mine up for me, so you could actually tell what it was, but I didn't do too bad.

We took lots of pictures this weekend. I thought James was posting them last night, but I think it takes a long time to take the pictures from his camera to the computer to the website. We will post some this evening.

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