Tuesday, December 1, 2009

22 weeks plus Thanks

I'm going to roll our Thanksgiving recap and my 22 week checkup into one post. Because I'm lazy like that.

We'll start with Thanksgiving. We had 2 this year. First we traveled down to Enid OK to visit James 95 year old grandmother. About a month ago James mom broke her arm in an apple related food pantry accident. Anyways the decision was made not to cook anything down in OK and it was a good thing too because Grandma's oven has stopped functioning. Anyways, we stayed in a recently renovated Ramada Inn which was pretty snazzy and ate Thanksgiving dinner at the Golden Coral with most of the rest of the town of Enid. They were crowded. Lily did good though, and ate her mac n'cheese, some taters and of course stole some chocolate of Grandma's plate. While we were only gone for about 36 hours, it was a nice trip. I won't be able to travel after Christmas, the whole stay within an hour of your hospital rule, so this was the last time we can go down there before baby M is born.
Friday morning I woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back asleep so I got up and went to Target with all the other crazies. It was a Christmas shopping WIN. I got there a few minutes before the doors opened, so I didn't have to stand in the cold very long. Target was super organized, handing out reusable shopping bags and maps of the store. They had their big SALE items already placed in carts around the store for easier '"grabbage" and I was able to get everything on my list, plus I scored an even better DVD player for the car for Lily that I originally thought I would get. All in all a great trip and I earned $30 worth of Target gift cards too!
The rest of the weekend was spent with my parents visiting, hanging up Christmas lights, decorating one of our trees and hosting a "fauxgiving" where James made a fabulous Turkey, and I made the creamiest mashed potatoes known to man.
My mom graciously loaned us her 4 foot pre-lit white Christmas tree which I decorated with bright colored ornaments and all my Hallmark Keepsakes, and my full intention is to buy a real tree next weekend and put in the dining room with our purple and gold ornaments, but right now I feel too tired to even think about doing it. So we'll see. Plus I'm very specific about what kind of tree I want. I want a noble fir, that's about 5 feet tall and skinnier than me. Good luck!

Baby M Update:
I had my 22 week checkup yesterday. Everything is still on track. Baby's heartbeat is still high, in the 150's like Lily's was. Baby M also has been moving around a lot! Which is actually very comforting. I had a sonogram about 3 weeks ago and my placenta is in the front so the tech told me not to worry if I don't feel a whole lot of strong movements. Add that to the fact that I went ahead and got an H1N1 vaccine even though I was on the fence about getting it, and I was relieved when I realized I was being kicked throughout the day. The day after my H1N1 shot I work up that morning and said "well it didn't kill me or the baby so that's good". We're still throwing around baby names. We've been saying Baby Max a lot for a boy, and I think we still like Morgan for a girl, but my aunt called me last weekend with the name Miles. Its really starting to grow on me. And of course Madison and Madelyn are still favorites of mine. I really think we need to wait to see the little bean before we give him/her a name. What if he doesn't look like a Max?