Thursday, October 8, 2009

I just want to see the Bunny Pop!!

Every other Sunday James, Lily and I go to brunch together between church and James work. Then usually Lily and I go do some kind of fun activity. Last Sunday we met up with my friend Megan and her daughter Mia at Deanna Rose Farmstead. Before that though we went to Jason's Deli and right next door is one of those Spirit Halloween Stores. James thought it would be fun to take Lily in. He was holding her and they were looking at the monsters and you could tell she was pretty leery of them. And when he pushed the button to make one move, that was all it took. She immediately burst into tears and sniffled "I just want to see the bunny pops". Which meant she just wanted to see the bunny rabbits at Deanna Rose. Of course, after we left and got in the car, she said "I wanna go see the monsters". Then all week this week she as been asking to "go to store and see monsters". This morning she threatened to cry again. And then she did because we wouldn't take her right then and there. I guess we'll have to go visit the monster store again.