Tuesday, January 19, 2010


How Far Along? 28 weeks 4 days
Labor Signs? Just the Braxton Hicks, every night before bed
Sleep? still elusive
Best moment this week? Found out I'm going to be an AUNT!!
Cravings? M&M's, specifically Valentine's M&M's in Dark Chocolate
What I miss? Being able to get off the couch unassisted
What I am looking forward to? My "sprinkle" on Feb 6th
Milestones? I'm in the 3rd trimester now and the heartburn is getting really annoying

Big Sister Training

Saturday we went to the hospital we'll be delivering Baby M (same hospital Lily was born in) and Lily learned all about being a big sister. It was supposed to be a big brother/big sister class but all 9 participants were girls! And the majority of them were getting little brothers, we were the only ones that didn't know gender. Lily did awesome for a 2 1/2 year old. She was the youngest there, but there was a girl who barely looked a day over 3 and her mom is due on Saturday. The kids got to play with baby dolls, practice changing diapers, went up to view the nursery (no babies though, they were all with their moms) and to see a hospital room. That way its not so foreign when she comes to visit me. Not that Lily hasn't see her fair share of the inside of a hospital room. One ER visit, and 3 Children's Mercy urgent care visits, I think she knows what a typical hospital room looks like. That could be why she was a little skittish about being in there! They also got to watch a silly but age appropriate video and make bibs for their siblings. Lily's is a masterpiece. At one point in the video I had to giggle, they were talking about breastfeeding and showing babies BF and the little girl to my right, about 4 years old, very loudly said "ewww". You are in for a rude awakening kids if you think that's gross, just wait. At another point in the class the teacher was asking the kids what do babies do, and got the typical answers "eat, sleep, cry" and my kid says "poop". We may or may not have been encouraging her to say that.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


How Far Along? 27 weeks 4 days
Labor Signs? Occasional braxton hicks, this time I know what they are
Sleep? Not really. I would like to. I have no problems falling asleep but then don't stay that way for long
Best moment this week? Baby M has hiccups at least once a day, it tickles
Food Cravings? Sheridan's frozen custard, James bought the baby a gift card ;) so I've had it twice this week.
What I miss? Wine
What I am looking forward to? Wine- Cave Rock White if anyone wants to buy me some
Milestones? I start my bi-weekly appointments now.

I think I like reading about other peoples lives better

That's why I haven't posted in a while. I have no excuse. I sit in front of a laptop all day with Internet access. I read all sorts of blogs on my google reader, and I compose all sorts of fun, witty entries in my brain but then never type them out.

Funny things Lily has said lately:

She got tangled in her sheets last night: "Darn it, darn it!"

As I was leaving for work yesterday: "Are you wearing a dress momma" Yes I am "I have dresses too momma".

Anytime she doesn't like something we do: "I don't yike that"

We had her going pretty good on the potty training, she would go first thing in the morning and then we had a couple of days where she would tell us that she needed to go, but then something happened between last Thursday and Friday because now she won't sit on the potty chair at all, nor does she want anything to do with the big potty. I'm thinking it had something to do with our terrible weather. We had another snow storm, blizzard if you are inclined, that dumped another 5 inches on top of our already 10 inches, and then we had an arctic blast. So cold that it was colder here than it was in the Arctic. Like -15 with the wind chill. So I worked from home for 2 days and we didn't leave the house. During those two days was when she was going strong on the potty training. Then I went back to work. And she regressed.