Friday, October 24, 2008

The things you know

Lily is not a baby anymore. She's all grown up *sniff*. Yesterday morning before we went to school, James said he thought she was "working on a project", code for dirty diaper. I asked her if she was "stinky", she repeated "stinky"right back at me. Then I asked her if she wanted me to change her diaper, she said "yes!" then toddled off to her room and brought me a diaper back. I didn't teach her that.
Then yesterday when I picked her up, she saw me and said "oh good", then toddled over to the cubbies and got her coat. There were 15 coats there. How did she know which one was hers?
And we've also discovered if you sing "Ring around the roses", she spin in place and hum, then say "dooowwwn", but won't fall down. She doesn't like falling.

So if I had any reservations about sending her to daycare and not being a stay at home mom, those are all gone now. I don't know that I would have the presence of mind to teach her all those things. Eventually she would have picked all that up, but shes only 17 months old and so smart.

I bet all the parents think that though :)

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