Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maple Leaf Festival

Each year since 1958, on the third full weekend in October, thousands of people flock to Baldwin City, Kansas for the annual Maple Leaf Festival. This year my wife (Kristin), daughter (Lillian), mom (Carolyn) and I (James) were among them. We had a great time. Arts and crafts were everywhere. Kristin and Carolyn got some Christmas shopping and ornaments purchased, and made a customized coat rack for Lillian. I got to visit several photographers' booths, where I picked up some new ideas and inspiration. I will talk more about that on my business blog: James Wear Photography.

We chowed down on some great eats including pork burgers, hot-dogs and tater crisps (basically a giant twisty potato chip made from one potato). They were fresh, crispy and super-delicious!
I had to drag Kristin away kicking and screaming, but we managed to avoid the deep fried Oreos!

Lillian got to play a carnival game for the first time, and ride the carousel for the second time. She was so good at the games she won a prize on her first try! (Okay, so you get a prize just for trying, but she still had fun!)

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