Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Happenings

1. We have TEETH. Max finally sprouted his two bottom teeth over the weekend. Sharp little boogers.

2. We have a new baby cousin, our first actually.

Addison Adele Kettler
09.05.10 12:36pm
6lbs 8oz 18"
We made a quick overnight trip to STL to visit with newest addition to the family. We only stayed for 24 hours, but we'll be going back this weekend for a longer visit.

3. Lily's first day of preschool was Wednesday. We had to beat feet it back to KC from STL on Monday because preschool orientation was Tuesday. I'm really excited for her. She'll be attending preschool at our church- Church of the Resurrection, three days a week. So far she seems to like it. She's also started soccer lessons, she's not quite old enough for team play yet, but we wanted her to have the experience.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Watch Me Grow

Max is 5 months and 1 week old now. He is rolling from left to right, front to back and can inch worm his way around a room. He doesn't care to much for Rice or Oatmeal cereal, sleeps in his bed like a big boy and is sprouting two bottom teeth that are making him an absolute crab apple.

Things Lily Says

Me: Lily what's my name? (We've been working on teaching her our first and last names, in case she ever gets lost)
Lily: Mom
Me: my- Mommy- my
Lily: (rolls eyes and says louder and with more emphasis): MOM

She doesn't call me Mommy anymore, just Mom. So in retaliation I call her Lil. If she's dropping a Y then so am I.