Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lily and Willy

This is Willis, Willy for short and Lily. Willy is one of our two cats. Our other is his twin brother Wesley, and they are the nephews of my parents cats Zeke and Zoey (Z&Z were my cats, but you try having a baby and 4 cats, one of which needed Prozac. It wasn't easy. Thank goodness Mimi and Papa Dude wanted some cats). Lily and Willy get along just fine. He sleeps at the foot of her bed most nights and lately he's started snuggling up next to her, once she has fallen asleep. She must be warm. Anyways, he was laying on our bed the other night and Lily grabbed a brush and mirror and said she was "cutting" Willy's hair. Then she grabbed an old cell phone and said "here let me take your picture". I guess we must take a lot of pictures of her with our phones!

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Stephanie said...

Awh, best buddies!!!