Monday, February 15, 2010

Ask me if I'm prepared

And the answer would be "no, not really". Now ask me if I am a nervous wreck about it. Again "no, not really". Thats the difference between 1st and 2nd babies, and also? The Olympics are on. The WINTER Olympics. That means I get nothing done that can't be done in front of the TV. I watch it all. I don't do this with the summer Olympics.

Today I did a few more things to prepare that make me feel a bit of relief. I bought 2 nursing bra's after realizing I didn't own one. I don't know what I did when I had Lily?? Tank tops I guess. I bought Lily some new tennis shoes one size bigger than her current ones, because I fear I'll go into labor and the grandma's will be trying to stuff Lily's feet into shoes that are too small. I bought Lily's "big sister gifts", a few things to have on hand to show her she is still special. And I bought her some spring time clothing in 3T. She's always been a bit small for her age, but I've started noticing her 2T clothing is starting to get smaller. The pants are shorter and occasionally I see a belly button. Since this baby is due in the Spring (very early Spring) I bought her a few "warm weather" outfits just in case.

And I bought storage tubs. Which means I can finally start washing the baby clothes stored in old diaper boxes in our basement and get them organized in case peanut here turns out to be a boy.

Things left to do:
Paint trim in kids room (right now its pepto bismol pink)
Wash baby clothes, baby blankets, etc
Put car seat back together
Figure out supplemental STD coverage (that means Short Term Disability)
Stop spending money, start saving money
Buy a baby bathtub, I didn't say I was going to totally stop spending money
Stock up on formula using the $35 worth of Enfamil coupons I have that expire before my due date (that's how they get ya) and the formula is a "justincase" measure, because Lily was supplemented the whole time I BF her.

But first I have to watch some ice skating.

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