Friday, June 18, 2010

What we did (are doing) on our summer vacation...

Lots of things have been going on since Max was born:

1. I finished my second semester working on my paralegal certificate
2. James has started taking classes, studying computer programing
3. I went back to work
4. We went on a wonderful family vacation to Gulf Shores Alabama, luckily before oil started washing ashore.

We have lots of pictures to share, but are in the process of reorganizing our lives. James is off work for the summer, staying home with the kids and keeping busy with them. We're trying to clean out our house and get rid of the stuff we don't use but hang on to "just in case, I might, maybe have a reason to use it in the near future".
Max is nearing the end of the newborn phase. He is much more alert, lifts his head like a champ, and doesn't take nearly as many naps. His night sleeping has improved somewhat. When he was brand new he woke every 2 hours on the dot. Now he can sleep in stretches of 4-6 hours. He will sleep longer if someone is cuddling with him. He is not the biggest fan of his crib (he prefers our bed, memory foam) or the baby papasan chair, but enjoys the swing. Unlike his big sister he enjoys the front pack (must be the cuddling thing) and likes going on walks.
Lily is so grown up we can hardly stand it. She is no longer a baby, and very much a big girl at 3 years old. I am proud to report we had her potty trained before Max was born, and no accidents since. She got her ears pierced for her 3 birthday, something she asked for. And she is looking forward to swimming lessons in July (first time in a parent-free class).
Until we can get back on track these are some cute pictures of Max taken by Rebecca Haas of RPetersPhotography.

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