Monday, May 3, 2010

The one where I explain why I don't post much anymore

Really its because we have a new baby, Lily is out of daycare for the summer and I'm trying to finish up my semester of Civil Litigation and Business Organizations. Everyone tells you that 2 kids is NOT 2x the work, but rather 4x the work. I disagree. Its 10X the work!! And talk about lack of sleep. James and I are walking zombies right now. He's officially a stay at home dad now, Lifetouch season ended in April. Lily doesn't go to Preschool until August. Max sleeps a lot, but only in 2 hour spurts and does not extend them at night. By this point in her life Lily was at least giving us 4 hour stretches at night. Oh well. James and I have a system. I go to bed early, usually with Lily and he stays up playing video games or watching something on Netflix streaming and keeps Max with him. So that way I get a good 3-4 hours of solid sleep. Then if Max wakes up in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning I get up (since I have to feed him anyways). And James gets a good 3-4 hours of sleep. Max usually wakes up at 2am on the nose and again at 5 or 6am. Sometimes I get him to go back to sleep after the 6am waking, but usually hes up and stays up until about noon. You would think with all that awake time he would sleep more soundly at night. But he's what I call a hungry hippo. He eats all.the.time. If I nurse him, I'm lucky if he'll go 2 hours with out being hungry. If we do a formula bottle, we can get somewhere between 2-3 hours out of him. But lately he's been overfilling his little belly and urping, so we've started just giving him 2 ounces at a time. Which means sometimes we can spend 2 hours feeding him 6oz, only to start the process again an hour after he finished. It's a growing thing I hope. He has his 6 week checkup Thursday so I will be asking about this.

I need to post pictures, I'll get around to it eventually. James takes all our pictures then edits them on our home computer which is upstairs. I normally NEVER go up there and he's now to the point that he doesn't like to go up there either, if he has to tow both kids with him. We need to figure out a place downstairs for the computer. We haven't even done Max's announcement. We will get that done before we leave for Gulf Shores in 2 weeks. If we even get to go. Stupid Deepwater Horizon had to go and blow up and potentially ruin the only family vacation my family has planned in like 2 decades.

Ok, enough procrastinating.

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