Thursday, March 18, 2010

B and B

Means Basketball and Brackets. The only other sporting event I can sit on my tush for days and watch besides the Olympics is March Madness. And I didn't even go to a NCAA Div 1 school. But like the rest of the nation, I get sucked in. It helps that they set up big screens at work and give us free popcorn and soda. It also helped that I once went on vacation to Las Vegas during March Madness. Talk about MADNESS.

It's 66 degrees and sunny here today. Fabulous spring weather. And I'm at work. I took Tues and Wed off to finish "nesting" but Lily got sick at the same time and couldn't go to school with 102 fever. So we modified our nesting a bit and did some other stuff that still needed to be done. Laundry, baby clothes folding, steam cleaning the living room carpet, paid off my car, returned some items to BRU, doctors appointments (one for me, one for her). Tomorrow its going to be a bit cooler, then Saturday??? I don't think our weather people have any idea what is going to happen. One minute they say rain with a possible snow mix. The next they are saying a lot of accumulation. Whatever. All I know is that I can sit on my tush, watch some b-ball and no one can complain. If it was nice outside I'd feel obligated to take Lily to the park again. Or go to the Zoo. I've got more than one "party" to go to this weekend, and I don't think I can handle going to more than one. So I have to decide. And that's only if James doesn't have a lot of b-ball videos to edit. We shall see.

Update from Doctor: No update! She saw my sonogram results. Said "behave this weekend, I'm going to be out of town". No change in due date, no cervix thinning, not concerned with baby's size. All is good. Which is great, I don't really want this baby coming before April. I've got a very tight maternity leave schedule without a lot of wiggle room.

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