Monday, March 1, 2010


How Far Along? 34 weeks 3 days
Labor Signs? Same old braxton hicks, like clockwork, every night starting at 6pm. Also had some kind of allergic reaction last week, and had a virus that caused a nasty fever blister. The fever blister thing happened with my 1st pregnancy too
Sleep? Getting better, Lily's room is being repainted so she has been sleeping with me, and Daddy sleeps upstairs in the guest room, will be glad when he can come back to bed with me, I don't sleep well when he isn't there
Best moment this week? Got tax return filed, getting a refund, something that hasn't happened in like 5 years
Cravings? Food, just food in general, I lost a pound last week, so I must be trying to catch up
What I miss? Warm Weather
What I am looking forward to? warm weather (see a pattern)
Milestones? pre-registered at hospital

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