Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Finally Arrived

(Even though its only for a few days. By next week it'll be in the 30's again)

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far, not too shabby since its only the first week of March. The high in KC was 81 degrees, so we decided to take Lily to the park before dinner. I've never seen the park so crowded. Lots of people were feeding the ducks and geese, which Lily observed from a safe distance. She loves animals, loves to say what they are, and make whatever noise they make but heaven forbid they get with in licking distance of her. We met a nice little 4 lb fully grown Chihuahua named Sam, which Lily refused to pet, even though he was smaller than our cats. We must have done a good job of working up Lily's appetite because when we got home she actually ate some chicken that wasn't from Chic*Fil*A. And broccoli, with cheese! It was a banner day for her. We plan on going to the park again tonight, its only 70 here today but not windy so it feels perfect.

***Please forgive the pictures, we forgot the camera, so I took these with a piddly camera phone***

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Stephanie said...

...and now I want to go to the park.

Kristy you look so dang skinny!!!