Sunday, March 8, 2009

Late Night Hospital Visit

Kristin and I watched "W." tonight, a fairly long movie, then as we were getting ready for bed Lillian decided to start throwing up everywhere! She had watery eyes and a runny nose all day, but was fine throughout shopping and dinner. After about 3 hours of the vomiting-bath-laundry cycle, we gave up and drove to Childrens' Mercy Hospital. An hour and a half and three vomitings later (for a total of 8 or nine), the doctor finally diagnosed an ear infection and possible dehydration. To treat all the symptoms at once, she had to get an IV in her little arm (antibiotics, anti-nausea and saline)! As I finish writing this, Lillian is still "drinking" her saline, and Mr. Rogers is on the hospital TV telling us he loves his neighbors.

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