Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Christmas Lights

FINALLY! Here are some pictures of our Christmas lights this holiday
season! I am cross-posting them to my business blog
(JamesWearPhotography.blogspot.com), our family blog
(TheWearFamily.blogspot.com), as well as my Facebook page! Please leave
comments; let us know what you think! We had to start from scratch this
year, and we are kind of burnt out by the whole Christmas light thing.
But we do love putting them up each year. And by WE, I mean ME up on a
ladder in the freezing cold while Lily and Kristin relax with a mug of
hot chocolate! It's OK though, as they took care of most of the indoor
decorating, which I find to be too tedious. My job is to put up the
lights and carry in the prickly Christmas tree!

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