Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where are the pictures?

Yeah, so not totally done with the lights still. We got the new blue and white icicles up, and the columns done, and the two pine trees out front, and the two baby trees at the porch. But we had a snag in the net lights department and those boogers are expensive, so we are trying to repair last years. Only have half the lights lit, because we need the nets to connect everything together. But we are headed to Branson for some Silver Dollar City Fun this weekend. I'm off tomorrow, we might be able to get some of the net lights out by then. Either way though, we have to get it done ASAP. I am hosting my work Christmas party here at Casa de Wear on the 10th. I want the house to be festive, which means I still need to put garland on the inside stair banisters, add lights, pick out a tree, pay for a tree, trim a get the picture. All while baking a desert for a larger work Pot-Luck on Tuesday, and making 2 appetizers, green bean casserole and another desert for Wednesday. Thank goodness for Honeybaked Ham.

We have some pictures from last weekends Thanksgiving visit with my family in St Louis. Lily had a ball and got lots of attention, being the only grand baby and all will do that!

I was able to go with my sister wedding dress shopping and her dress is lovely, but shush. Can't talk about it here.

Also went to a Holiday party at my future brother in law's parents. She goes all out with Christmas decor, but so tasteful. And her appetizers were fabulous, plus she makes her own wine coolers with whine, 7-up, orange, lemon and lime slices. Fun times were had by all. Except Lily, she had to stay at home with the baby whisperer.

My mom and I went Black Friday shopping. Check out my other blog if you want to hear all about my hatred for Wal-Mart and my love for Target.

We'll post pictures when we return from Branson.

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Stephanie said...

Branson!? Jealous.

I see new purses in your future...