Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun with Leaves

A couple of weekends ago was a fabulous Indian Summer day, 70 degrees and sunny. I put Lily in one of her favorite dresses, probably for the last time and we took her to the park to play in the leaves. James took some good pictures and I thought I would share some of them here.

Doing the Itsy Bitsy Spider
Lily is growing bigger and bigger every day. She continues to amaze me with the things she knows and picks up just from observation. She is really into mimicking us right now. She tries to brush her hair with my brush, she likes to brush her teeth when we do, she even goes around our bedroom picking up stray socks and pajama's and throws them down the laundry chute. And I think her dad has taught her to find all the shoes I've left lying around, and bring them to me to put away.
Her baby sign skills are improving each week as well. For the longest time she was doing a sign, that I thought was her rubbing her belly. It wasn't until James did a baby shoot of Baby Aiden that we discovered she has been signing "please" this whole time. No wonder she would get mad at me when I repeatedly asked her to say "please" when she wanted something. Now, she is able to say "more, please" and "thank you" when she wants something. She can also verbalize those words, but sometimes she just not in a talking mood.
Today is her 18 month check up. Originally James was going to take her so I didn't have to leave work, but today has been slow and I realized I missed her last check up, so I really want to go.
Next week we are off to visit my family for Thanksgiving. Lily will get to spend 5 whole days with her Grammy, Papa Dude, Auntie Kim, Uncle Nick, Aunt Vicki, Naomi, Gigi and Papa. She will be loved and spoiled tons!
And Auntie Kim is going to do some wedding dress shopping for the first time!

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